Thursday, January 12, 2006


Yay...I made it! I am a knittying blogger virgin no more! I have 4 balls of Jamieson's Shetland Double Knitting in Black of course! 170 yds/2 oz net weight. 22-26 sts/4"/26-30 rows on us 4 to 6 Needles...I bought it on super duper sale and have no idea what do do with it! ANY suggestions of patterns with be great!This stuff well, if you have ever touched it you know thats its itchy. I dont mind itchy but its a bit much...HELP!!


Blogger Shannon said...

That's pretty lightweight, and not enough for a sweater. How about a nice lacey shawl? Its not laceweight per se, but it would look really pretty. That way its worn over other items, and not so itchy, but pretty and warm! Drape it around the house when not in use ;)

3:33 PM  
Blogger BlackCrow said...

What about a bikini? :)

10:58 PM  
Blogger K. said...

Hello, I just stumbled accross this KAL and I wanted to konw how one goes about joining in on the fun of knitting black? You can get back to me through my blog :-)

5:35 AM  

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